Rahmatullah Tuhin

Workshop & Other Activities

Rahmatullah Tuhin, a prominent Bangladeshi film director, has consistently engaged and inspired cinephiles through his dynamic workshops and diverse array of activities. With an innate passion for storytelling, Tuhin’s workshops are renowned for their insightful exploration of cinematic techniques, narrative intricacies, and the evolving landscape of the film industry.

Through interactive sessions, he imparts his wealth of knowledge, garnered from years of experience, to aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. Tuhin’s dedication to fostering creativity extends beyond workshops, as he frequently organizes film screenings, panel discussions, and collaborative projects, fostering a vibrant community of artists.

His multidimensional approach not only enriches the filmmaking culture in Bangladesh but also contributes to the broader global cinematic dialogue. Tuhin’s workshops and activities stand as a testament to his commitment to elevating the art of filmmaking and nurturing the next generation of storytellers.