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About Rahmatuallh Tuhin

Since 1990, Rahmatuallh Tuhin started his professional career almost in all areas of media such as Making Television and Radio programs, Directing short films, TV Dramas, Documentaries and Feature films, making TV Commercials, and Management of large commercial and Trade Events. He completed his Master of Arts in Psychology from the Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



25 years of experience in Direction of Film, TV drama, Documentaries, Commercial Advertisements and Event Management, Production in Print Media. Knowledge of cost-benefit analysis to lead the overall production of the program, encouraging the subordinates to achieve targets in efficient way & Collecting feedback of the program from the target audience to become proactive so that project can be finished in effective way. Regarding his work as a Director/Film maker or Event Manager, Tuhin has travelled and gathered experiences internationally around the world including the United States of America, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, and India


As a successful Producer, Screenwriter and Director/Film maker Tuhin received several Awards and Recognition during his long career. Some of the Awards are RTV Star award 2011, Standard Award from Peace Film Festival 2019, Best director Award from 16th SAAKO Telefilm Award 2015 and may more.



As a director, He is extraordinarily capable of delivering uninterrupted work with exclusive results in a fast paced environment.