Rahmatullah Tuhin


Rahmatullah Tuhin is a Bangladeshi Producer, Screenwriter and Director/Film maker. Rahmatullah Tuhin has become one of the critically and commercially successful Directors/Film makers working currently in Bangladesh. The full name of this Bangladeshi Director/Film maker is Murad Mohd. Rahmatuallah and he goes by Rahmatullah Tuhin with a view to make him distinct from other Tuhin, one of his peers, working in the same profession.


In 1993, Rahmatullah Tuhin completed his Master of Arts in Psychology from the Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Rahmatullah Tuhin was born in Barisal on January 2, 1970. His father Late Mohd. Nurul Anam was a poet and a mid-level career professional of Bangladesh Government. His mother Hasina Morsheda is a small entrepreneur of boutique products.
At his early age, Rahmatuallh Tuhin fought against poverty and earned money as a private tutor to bear his educational expenses. He went through the real life experience of poor and repressed people of the society that made him a true director/screenwriter in his professional life.
During his school years, Rahmatullah Tuhin was the member/performer of Bangladesh Shishu Academy (National Academy for Children in Bangladesh), Dhaka Little Theatre (Theatre Group for Children) and Kendrio Kochi Kachar Mela (Cultural Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh).
In 1989, Rahmatullah Tuhin started performing on stage with THEATRE (one of the Dhaka’s oldest performing stage drama group). He was also Executive Committee member of the Theatre group. He is still an active member of this theatre group.


Since 1990, Rahmatuallh Tuhin started his professional career almost in all areas of media such as making television and radio programs, directing short films, TV dramas, documentaries and feature films, making TV commercials, and management of large commercial and trade events.

Before beginning work as an independent director, Rahmatullah Tuhin has garnered working experience as a chief assistant director and co-director in several TV dramas, documentaries, and TV commercials with renowned directors of Bangladesh. It is almost over a decade (more than fifteen years) that he has been enjoying his career in media as a successful director/film maker where he made numerous popular productions well accepted by the audience and highly appreciated by the critics. Among his most notable works, he has directed several drama serials one of them contained 520 episodes. He also made short films, single episode dramas, telefilms, web series, television commercials, musical programs, and dance programs for various satellite television channels of Bangladesh.

As a co-director, he was involved in making the feature film titled LALL TIP which was jointly produced by the Impress Telefilm and a notable film producing house from France.

He made documentaries, docudramas and street dramas for many renowned organizations; most notable ones are – Environmental Development Alliance, UNDP, DPHE-Danida Water Supply and Sanitation project, Save the Children, ILO (International Labour Organization), MSH (Management Sciences for Health, Bangladesh), SRCWP (Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection) and OXFAM International (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief) and BAIRA (Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies).

Most importantly, Rahmatullah Tunin also gathered working experiences with Bangladesh Television (BTV), the state-owned Television network in Bangladesh.

He is experienced in international event management in different international venues like cities of New York, London, Italy, and Dubai for REHAB (Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh). In addition to his international event management experiences, he also managed several in-country events like BATEXPO (Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition), US TRADE SHOW organized by Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce, Housing Fairs and many other Food Festivals in Bangladesh.

Regarding his work as a director/film maker or event manager, Tuhin has travelled around the world including the United States of America, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, and India.


# Nomination for Best Director from 10th RTV Star Award 2020
# Zero Plus International Film Festival, Russia 2020
# 18th Dhaka International Film Festival 2020
# 13th International Children’s Film Festival 2020
# 14th International Children’s Film Festival 2021

Award Received:

# Best Film Award from 4th Sylhet Film Festival 2020

# Standard Award for short  film from Peace Film Festival 2019

# Best Director Award from 16th SAAKO Telefilm Award-2015

# Best Director Award of TV drama from RTV Star award 2011

# Best Director Award from Bangladesh Cultural Reporters Association (BCRA) – 2009

# Best Director Award of Dhallywood Film & Music Award 2009