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”I prefer scripts that deal with emotion and values” — Rahmatullah Tuhin

”I prefer scripts that deal with emotion and values” — Rahmatullah Tuhin

Rahmatullah Tuhin is a popular television director who has offered the audience a good number of plays over the last decade. Some of his notable directorial works include the 500-episode serial “Khonikaloy”, “Onno Shokal”, “Doito Roop”, “Nagorik Bunophool” and “Bodle Jaoar Somoy”. Recently the director had a chat with The Daily Star on his works and more. Excerpts:

What inspired you to become a director?

Tuhin: I was a member of little theatre and later joined Momtazuddin Ahmed’s troupe Theatre Arambag (now Theatre Bailey Road). I have been an active member of the group for over two decades. Going on, I developed a passion for direction. I jumped into television drama in the 1990s.

What genre of scripts do you prefer and how do you work on it?

Tuhin: I prefer realistic scripts that deal with love, emotion, social and familial values which audience can easily relate to. After selecting the script, I contact artistes and start working on it. In the case of drama serials, I try to keep at least 30 episodes in reserve before the due date of airing.

Tell us about the financial aspects of production.

Tuhin: For drama serials, I receive episode-wise payment and for single-episode plays, producers give me remuneration. Sometimes producers offer me a package for the entire drama and I have to make the drama within that given budget. In that case I have to think about profit and loss.

What’s the major difference between stage and television direction?

Tuhin: Before coming on stage one has to go through long rehearsals, whereas in television there’s little or no rehearsal. While directing, I visualise a character and brief the artiste about it. I rehearse with the artistes before taking a shot since they don’t rehearse nowadays. Sorry to say, many of them don’t even read the script before coming to the shooting spot.

What’s your observation on young artistes?

Tuhin: Unlike artistes in the 1990s, newcomers are not whole-heartedly involved in acting. There’s a lack of commitment and nowadays many seek success and reputation without working hard. And for this reason many soon disappear from the scene.

Tell us about your upcoming ventures.

Tuhin: I am currently doing “Khonikaloy” which has crossed 500 episodes. I have plans to make a comedy drama and one or two plays on the Liberation War. I also have plans to shoot outside Bangladesh.

News Source : thedailystar

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